Multiplex RR FunRacer Orange Edition

The MULTIPLEX FunRacer is a sporty racing aircraft that not only looks good but also flies fantastically. During development, great importance was attached to creating an uncomplicated model with a lot of fun factor and a high degree of prefabrication. The Funracer is the ideal model for club races, dogfights, or relay flights with colleagues.

It has an enormous speed range and always remains safe and comfortable to steer. The FunRacer is available in two RR versions, one finished in typical multiplex orange or in pure white ELAPOR. With ELAPOR-Color you have the option to realize your own color ideas.

Multiplex RR FunRacer Features

  • Spectacular top speed of 165 km/h out of the package
  • Very neutral flight characteristics
  • Available painted and decorated or in white (decor sticker included)
  • Easy to transport due to removable wing
  • Comfortable battery replacement through the canopy
  • High-performance BL motor C35-42-1160KV, controller
  • Digital metal gear servos for elevator, rudder, and aileron already installed
  • Mount tailplane, install a receiver and fly

Multiplex RR FunRacer Specifications

  • Model character: Acromodels
  • Material: Elapor
  • Level: 3 Advanced
  • Wingspan in mm: 920
  • RC functions: SR / HR / QR / Motor Flight
  • weight, electric in grams: 980
  • Flight time in minutes: 6
  • Total surface load in g per square meter: 51
  • l surface area in square meters: 19
  • battery types / Cells: 3S LiPo
  • construction time in min: 15

What's in the Box

  • Elapor model largely pre-assembled
  • Roxxy C35-42 BL Motor
  • Roxxy Control 755 Controller
  • Digi Servos with metal gears
  • multilingual manual
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