Multiplex RR EXTRA 300 S

Boundless aerobatics fun

The Extra 300 S is a single-seater aerobatic aircraft with a wingspan of 7.5 m and is powered by a Lycoming six-cylinder boxer engine with 300 hp. It is a very popular aircraft for aerobatics competitions, shows and air races. The model for the model is also sponsored by MULTIPLEX!

The ELAPOR® model with its handy size not only looks great, but also impresses with its outstanding performance in aerobatics.
It has very true to the original lines and features numerous details such as rivets, dummies, a detailed cockpit and a true to original paint finish. The Extra 300 S is primarily designed for classic program aerobatics, but can also be moved in 3D. With shredded and torn figures, as well as with knife-flights and rollovers you will have a real pleasure. Thanks to the 4S drive, there is enormous power for powerful vertical ascent flights.

Multiplex RR EXTRA 300 S Features

  • Super aerobatic flight characteristics
  • Scale-look due to original painting, transparent canopy and numerous details
  • Removable surfaces and tail units
  • Flight time approx. 7 min (4S ~2600Ah)

Multiplex RR EXTRA 300 S Specifications

  • Model character: powered flight
  • models Material: Elapor
  • Level: 3 Advanced
  • Wingspan in mm: 1200
  • RC functions: SR / HR / QR / Motor Flight
  • weight, electric in grams: 1450
  • Flight time in minutes: 7
  • Total wing loading g per square meter: 39
  • Total surface area in square meters: 37.23 Battery
  • types / Cells: 4S LiPo
  • construction time in min: 15

What's in the box

  • ELAPOR® model 100% finished
  • Drive motor PERMAX BL-O 3720-630
  • Controller MULTIcont BL-50
  • Three-blade propeller 12x8"
  • 4 servos MS-13020
  • finished varnished
  • applied decoration and detailed instructions
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