TEK-Vario + TAS(TrueAirspeed)Sensor


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The TEK-Vario-TAS sensor is characterized by a number of innovative features:
• Measurement of sink / climb rate via precision TEK vario / altitude sensor.
• Adjustable TEC effect.
• Measurement of the real flow velocity via dynamic pressure.
• Measurement of the current altitude above atmospheric pressure.
• Automatic calibration of the TEK vario sensor, the height sensor and the speed measurement.
• Automatic adjustment of the speed measurement to the height above sea level
Dependent air density, this enables the correct display of the speed regardless of the flight altitude.
• Adjustable warning threshold for maximum speed, stall (stall warning).
• Adjustable warning threshold for minimum altitude, maximum altitude, for maximum sink rate.
• Adjustable Vario integration time.
• Adjustable self sink suppression.
• Simple operation and updating via the MULTIPLEX Launcher.

scope of delivery

TEK Vario with True Airspeed Sensor,
Prandtl tube, 2 x connecting hoses 2.5m


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