MaxAmps Logo
Since 2004, MaxAmps has become the proven leader in providing the RC, UAV, Aerospace, and Robotics industry with high-powered solutions. They assemble all their packs here in the USA and build them to order with factory fresh cells so that you don't get a pack that has been sitting on the shelf for months or even years. Batteries sold by Mr MPX Hobbies were made to our order, so the batteries are only as old as our latest order.

As far as safety goes, all LiPo packs are not created equal. LiPo cells are graded from A to F from the factory. MaxAmps only uses A grade cells, which are more expensive but worth it in both safety and performance. Since they hand build their packs here in Spokane, Washington and quality check every pack at least 3 times during the assembly process, MaxAmps' quality control is the best in the industry. They use very thick high-temperature Kapton tape to cover every connection in the pack. This minimizes the risk of an internal short.

MaxAmps uses a unique, proprietary method to attach one cell to the next. This lowers the resistance of the connections between cells and insures the highest discharge possible from each individual cell. Other manufacturers are connecting cells together by using a simple "spot weld" on each tab. This is inconsistent and can cause serious balance issues between cells. More importantly, it causes excess heat buildup and lowers the performance of the pack. They also pre-match all the cells in the pack with other cells of the exact same voltage to minimize future balancing issues.

MaxAmps quality and service are hands down the best in the industry!

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